Your customers’ success stories shorten your sales cycle and improve your closing rate.

Your prospects want to hear about the results you’ve delivered. But they also want to know how you work your magic, what it’s like to work with you, and why they should choose you over your competitors.

Case studies cover all these bases, and more. They provide authentic evergreen content. They generate media opportunities. They lend concrete context to abstract concepts. is your resource for producing more memorable, more effective case studies.

Dive in.

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Video - Case Study Critique

Case Study Writer Critique of Sift Science Helping Hotel Tonight

Learn these six best practices from a professional case study writer: 1. One easy way to make your case studies more authentic. 2. A mistake to avoid losing readers’ interest in the first 10 seconds. 3. The core element that every one of your case studies MUST have. 4. How to make your case studies engage mobile readers. 5. How to improve your case studies’ readability. 6. One of the best ways to conclude your case studies. Hi,…
Video - Case Study Critique

Case Study Critique – Rapid7 Helps UT Dallas

In this video, you’ll learn these best practices for your case studies: 1. How to engage your case study readers in the first five seconds. 2. One trick that will make your case studies more memorable. 3. How to enhance product descriptions with story. 4. The main deciding factor behind effective case studies. 5. A mistake to avoid in your introduction. 6. What makes for a strong conclusion. Hi, I’m Mike Russell from I…