About Mike Russell

I write authentic case studies that smash sales objections for B2B SaaS businesses. And I love doing it.

I was the kid who enjoyed writing book reports and playing chess. That didn’t score points on the playground, but it did set me up as a lifelong learner, strong writer and strategic thinker. Since 2008, I’ve applied that skill set and attitude as a freelance copywriter for succinct, persuasive writing that exceeds my clients’ expectations and nails our readers’ needs.

My clients praise me for my writing, professionalism, creativity and strategic thinking. For them, it secures their status as rainmakers around the office. For me, it satisfies my need to work on meaningful projects.

Over the past few years, I’ve become convinced that well-written case studies are the most powerful flavor of collateral. Why?

  • We yearn for greater authenticity in all aspects of our lives. The inherent candor of an authentic case study delivers a refreshing alternative to other types of collateral. When they include a well-framed element of vulnerability—an objection overcome or a lesson learned—then I believe they make the reader more receptive to the value proposition.
  • They serve double duty for both marketing and sales. They help convince prospects that it’s worth their time to contact you. Lower in the sales funnel, case studies give powerful support to preliminary conversations, smash objections with anecdotal evidence, and warm up decision makers before sales presentations.
  • They’re more interesting to consume (and produce). At least the ones that follow a feature-story structure; my style. For the reader, a magazine-quality case study is a welcome change from the traditional problem-solution-results format. On my end, not only do I love interviewing smart people about interesting business problems, but I relish the challenge of making their story relevant and compelling to readers.

Enough about me. What about you?
How important are case studies to your company? How effective are your current case studies?
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“I happily recommended Mike”


“I’m pretty exacting with my writers. I need someone who understands how to balance storytelling with selling. Mike walked that line and produced an excellent series of case studies for us. They involved interviewing a number of our subscribers and turning their stories into snappy but informative two-page articles. We still use them all the time. They make a great resource for objection handling and product validation.”
– Millie Blackwell, President and Co-Founder, Showcase Workshop
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