How to find your case study writer

If none of your first-degree connections will recommend a case study writer they’ve worked with, you might have some luck with the companies whose case studies you admire. Writers’ collectives will present a variety of choices, specialties, and experience levels. If you can afford their overhead, a marketing agency might serve your needs well. Failing that, Google will provide all the choice you can handle. Avoid crowd-sourcing services that put the onus of writing on your clients.

Start off close to home

Someone in your network may have done all the hard work for you. This contact may recommend a case study writer with a proven track record. Voilá, your search may be over.

Before you take that recommendation, however, be sure to take a close look at a few of the case study writer’s samples, keeping in mind the criteria that we discussed earlier. Those samples are the best way of assessing the writer’s abilities quickly.

If your connections have no recommendations…

Look farther afield

If there are companies whose case studies you admire, ping them for a reference. Some of them may be happy to share their resource, others may be more reluctant.

As a case study writer can only produce a limited number of case studies at one time, a referee may be afraid of overwhelming the writer with projects and causing delays in his production schedule if he takes you on as a client as well. (For that reason, take it as a positive sign if the case study writer you approach tells you that he isn’t available for several weeks.)

Find a writers’ collective

There may be a local group of writers in your area, so search for groups of writers such as

Quality and experience will vary, but at least you’ll have a selection of prospective writers to consider.

However, don’t feel compelled to use a local case study writer. After an initial face-to-face, in-person meetings will likely increase the project’s fee. Since your clients are scattered across the country, there’s really no need to limit yourself to writers in your local area.

Contact an agency

While you probably won’t find an agency that claims a specialty in case studies, look for those with experience in your industry. Their in-house writers may have written a few case studies.

Just keep in mind that agencies mean extra layers of process. Since case study writing requires a different set of skills from other writing projects, be sure to ask about how the agency will represent your brand like an ambassador, about its experience incorporating two sets of messaging into the writing, and how it will manage the entire process.

Of course, you will pay agency pricing for the case study. They have more overhead than a freelance case study writer.

Go global

Search for “case study writer” online. This will yield more results, but could take more time to find The One.

On Google, try searching
portfolio +“case studies” +“company name”
samples +“case studies” +“company name”
(“company name” being a company whose case studies you admire.)

Poach your competitor’s case study writer. Google that company’s name +portfolio +”case study”
Share on LinkedIn. Share on Twitter.

You’ll certainly turn up a handful of case study writers (and other search-chaff like job boards). Give the top 2-3 writers’ sites a quick skim. After a couple of minutes on each site, you should get a sense of whether a candidate is worth further consideration.

Signs of ‘worthiness’ include a description of an established process, writing samples and corresponding client testimonials, content about case studies, and a website that makes a good first impression.

On LinkedIn, try searching “case studies” + “company name.”

On this social platform, you’ll have the advantage of recommendations and lurking. If others are willing to recommend the case study writer, especially in some detail, then it’s probably worth looking over a few of the writer’s samples. As for lurking, an established case study writer should have some activity and groups in his profile related to case studies, enterprise sales, content marketing, etc. That content can provide a quick verification for whether you should dig deeper.

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