“How much are your services?”

Tier 1 – $1,500

  • A ready-for-design case study delivered as a .docx file: about 850 words, or two pages with space for graphics. Includes everything you need to turn over to your designer, including: title, subtitle, sidebar material, pull quotes and subheaders.
  • Background research
  • One 45-minute backgrounder call with you and anyone else on your team
  • One 45-minute call with your client contact
  • Two rounds of revision: one for you, one for your client

Tier 2 – $2,000

Includes all of Tier 1, plus:

  • A blog post OR a press release about the case study
  • Teaser copy for the case study’s download page
  • Short bullet-point version of case study (useful for .pptx slide, in-person sales conversations or newsletter)

Tier 3 – $3,000

Includes all of Tier 2, plus:

  • Both a blog post AND a press release about the case study.
  • A professionally designed template (.indd format) that you can use for all future case studies.
  • Email announcement about the case study to prospects in target industry.
  • 7 interview questions for a complementary video testimonial.
  • Copy for a set of three PowerPoint slides for presentations.

Product research – $300

This one-time fee covers in-depth research into the product or offering that we’ll feature in the case study. You only pay this once per product or offering.

“Solid copywriting and big-picture thinking”

Damon Knight

“Mike demonstrates great attention to detail, organization, communication, and an ability to quickly understand and explain our technical offering. I needed someone who could run with my instructions, take a collaborative attitude, and deliver near-final drafts on time. Mike did so. On top of all that, he regularly offered relevant suggestions and insights that reflected big-picture thinking.”
– Damon Knight
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

“What’s my level of involvement?”

I’ll take on as much of the project as possible. The only help I’ll need from you:

  • A 45-minute kick-off call with you and anyone else on your team who knows your customer.
  • Email introduction to your customer.
  • Feedback on my interview questions, and on the case study draft.

“Will you take care of the case study’s layout?”

Yes, a professionally designed template (.indd format) is included in ‘tier 3’ level of service.

“Could you edit the case studies we produce in-house?”

Sure. I’m happy to review all your case studies and produce a report of my recommendations.

“What if I want the case study to be longer than two pages?”

I’m happy to develop longer case studies. When you fill out my contact form, just let me know the length of the case studies you’d like, and I’ll reply with an adjusted bid.

“How do we get started?”

Contact me.
If it looks like we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule a call to discuss your case studies.
If necessary, I’ll sign an NDA.
If we agree to work together, we’ll complete a work agreement and I’ll invoice you for half of the project fee to get started. The remainder will be due shortly after you receive the first draft.

“What’s your process?”

  1. I research:
    1. Your company and your best case studies
    2. Your top two competitors and their case studies
  2. 45-minute call with you and your team
  3. Schedule your customer for a 45-minute interview
  4. Share my interview questions with you for feedback
  5. Interview your customer
  6. Write and polish first draft
  7. You review first draft and provide feedback
  8. I integrate your feedback into second draft
  9. I send second draft to your customer for internal review and approval
  10. I integrate your customer’s feedback into final draft
  11. I send you the final approved draft, ready for design. (If you purchased tier 2 or tier 3 levels of service, I’ll also deliver the complementary materials at this time.)

“Can I listen in on the customer call?”

Yes, but the customer might censor their answers. For the most authentic and spontaneous answers, I recommend that the interview call just be between me and your customer. If you really want to listen in, and your customer agrees to it, I can provide a recording of the call.