Top case study writing service will help you smash sales objections and increase your close rate.

“Your solution might be what we need. But have you done this for anyone like us?”

When your prospects ask this question, how do your salespeople respond?

If they don’t have a prompt, detailed, confident answer, you could lose the sale.

Your prospects don’t want to feel like guinea pigs. They want to feel confident that you can help. That you’ll reduce their risk. That you’ve done this before for similar companies.

Don’t have a case study showing how you’ve helped similar companies overcome the same challenge?

Next please.

That’s the cold, hard truth. If your salespeople can’t supply a credible, relevant, impressive customer success story in the moment, and back it up with a longer version in a follow-up email, it raises a number of red flags:

  • You’re not that different from your competitors. If prospects can’t tell your solution apart from your competitors, then they’ll always choose the cheaper option. Case studies heighten the differences between you and ‘the other guys.’
  • Your messaging is a bunch of hot air. Anyone can splatter a few rosy promises onto a two-page slick. Your subscribers’ endorsement—nestled in a detailed story with supporting facts—adds extra heft to every one of your sales messages.
  • You don’t understand the prospect’s problems well enough. Can’t explain how you’ve helped similar companies out of similar problems? Then why should prospects believe that you can help them? Case studies give ample reason to believe.
  • Your subscribers won’t vouch for you. Sure, some churn is expected. But you should have at least a small cohort on the other side of the adoption curve; the frothing-at-the-mouth advocates. It’s nice if they sing your praises. It’s hard to ignore if they’re from your prospect’s industry and you’ve enabled their success.

Smash your prospects’ objections with case studies.

Want to build trust with your prospects? Want to excite decision makers for a sales presentation? First, you’ve got to answer their objections.

There’s no getting around this step. And there’s no better way to do so than in your subscriber’s voice.

Share published, magazine-quality case studies detailing how you’ve helped similar subscribers overcome relevant challenges.

Address the fact that your subscriber had similar concerns when they were considering your solution and how they’ve benefited since signing up, and you’ll have the closest thing to a silver bullet for your prospects’ objections.

Case studies excite decision makers for sales conversations.

Before they’ll take your presentation, decision makers need assurance that you can solve their problems.

Why should they believe your brochures? Why should they listen to any gatekeepers whom you’ve convinced?

Case studies give the reason. That third-party endorsement from a similar company whom you helped overcome a relevant problem makes all the difference.

Case studies multiply the power of Word of Mouth.

In a perfect world, you’d connect every prospect with a happy subscriber for a candid endorsement call. Too bad your subscribers are busy people.

You can’t risk that relationship and revenue by hitting them up for favors every week. That’s where case studies come in.

Once you publish the subscriber’s success story, you can reference it in qualification calls, sales decks, proposals, email follow-up, tradeshows, and many more channels.

They’re almost as effective as a verbal endorsement, but far more scalable.

In fact, DemandGen’s 2017 Content Preferences Survey found that “Case studies are the top content type for [B2B] buyers, with 78 percent accessing this format type when researching purchases in the past 12 months (vs. 72 percent in 2016).”

Case studies supercharge your salespeople.

When they can reference a library of case studies ahead of their sales calls and presentations, it’s no longer their word against the prospect’s preconceived biases.

Case studies bolster every sales message with a credible, candid account from a prospect’s peer.

A candid case study will lend credibility to everything else your salesperson tells your prospect.

Here’s what we’ll do together.

Get your customers’ success stories selling for you.

I want you to get the maximum return for each dollar you invest in your case studies. Below, you’ll see my flat-rate structure. No hidden fees. No variable rates. Just a dramatic impact on your sales process, and equitable compensation for me.

Skeptical? Not to worry. If you decide you’d like to withdraw from our engagement at any time, you’ll receive a full refund for any work you haven’t approved. That’s my Progressive Delight Guarantee.

As a professional case study writer, I’ve been helping B2B SaaS companies excite prospects for a sales conversation for years. Now I’m offering my process to deliver engaging, effective success stories quickly and professionally.

White-glove treatment.

I’ll produce a professional case study that’s ready for your sales, marketing and PR teams. Just give me background and an introduction to your happy subscriber, and I’ll take on the rest. The only help I’ll need from you:

  • A 45-minute kick-off call with someone on your team who knows your subscriber.
  • Email introductions to relevant team members and to your subscriber.
  • Feedback on the case study draft.

From there, I’ll handle the rest:

  • Drive the subscriber interview (recording available on request).
  • Deliver polished first draft.
  • Manage and integrate revisions from your team and your subscriber.
  • Submit final approved draft and any complementary materials you may have commissioned.

“Mike produces great work”

Connie Gougler

“After several successful projects in quick succession, I think of Mike as a trusted member of our marketing team. I listened in on his first few subscriber calls—it’s a little unnerving for an outsider to interact directly with a subscriber, I’ll admit—and now I’m 100% confident that Mike will represent us professionally while getting at the heart of what he needs to produce great work.”
– Connie Gougler, Director of Marketing, iovation
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Choose from three tiers of service

Core Story

A 1,200-word case study ready for design
Background research
One 45-minute backgrounder call with your team
One 45-minute call with your client contact
Two rounds of revision

Extra Details

All 'Core Story' features, plus:
EITHER a complementary blog post OR a press release.
Teaser copy for the case study’s download page
Short bullet-point version of case study
Transcript of client call
10 social media posts linked back to case study

Full Report

All 'Extra Details' features, plus:
BOTH a complementary blog post AND a press release.
Email template about case study to prospects in related target industry
Copy for a set of three PowerPoint slides w/'talk track'
Testimonial written 'by' your client in three lengths
Version to pitch to industry publication
Short edited video testimonial

Onboarding research

This one-time required fee ($300) covers in-depth research into the product or offering that we’ll feature in the case study. You only pay this once per product or service, no matter how many case studies it appears in.

Not quite sure? Read dozens of positive testimonials from happy clients on my LinkedIn profile. It’ll show you a range of businesses and examples that I’ve worked with. And if you’re still not convinced that I’m the best at what I do, I want you to ask any of them about me.

This case-study-writing service is for you if…

  • You manage marketing or sales for an established B2B SaaS business.
  • Your competitors claim your differentiators.
  • Your sales team has been clamoring for industry-specific collateral.
  • Your marketing team is swamped.
  • You have high demands for content marketing.
  • You appreciate strategic, thoughtful suggestions that stretch your thinking.
  • Your marketing materials lack a storytelling angle.
  • Your average subscriber lifetime value is at least $3,000.

Interested in working together?

I’d love to learn more about your business and how I can help you ignite more sales conversations. To get started, click the link below and fill out the application questionnaire (5-8 minutes). You’ll hear back from me within 48 hours.

Apply to work with me.

All your information will be kept strictly confidential.

“I happily recommended Mike”


“I’m pretty exacting with my writers. I need someone who understands how to balance storytelling with selling. Mike walked that line and produced an excellent series of case studies for us. They involved interviewing a number of our subscribers and turning their stories into snappy but informative two-page articles. We still use them all the time. They make a great resource for objection handling and product validation.”
– Millie Blackwell, President and Co-Founder, Showcase Workshop
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“Before we talk, I have a few questions…”

How can I be sure that you’ll take work off of my plate, not add to it?

I’ve earned more than 40 LinkedIn recommendations over eight years specifically by taking ownership of my assignments. Once I have the materials I need, I’m extremely independent. As I learn more about your business, subscribers and market, I’ll become even more proactive.

My company’s solution is pretty complex/nuanced/novel. Will you be able to get up to speed quickly?

No question. I’ve been writing about complex B2B SaaS solutions since 2014. I know the questions to ask to ramp up quickly. What’s more, I require a one-time product research fee for each solution I’m writing about. That covers in-depth research into the product or offering that we’ll feature in the case study. You’ll pay for that research once, and then benefit from it in every case study we produce about that solution.

Can I trust you to represent our brand to our subscribers?

Absolutely. Spend ten minutes with me on the phone, and you’ll have complete confidence in my professionalism, poise and personality. If you like, you’ll always be welcome to listen in on my interviews with your subscribers.

What do you do exactly?

I turn stories about your subscribers’ successes with your solutions into case studies designed to ignite sales conversations. After I get background information from you I handle the rest of the process, from scheduling the client interview to managing the revision process. Just introduce me to a subscriber and I’ll deliver a polished piece ready for your sales team.

What if I want revisions?

There’s no such thing as a perfect first draft. Two rounds of revisions are included in my fee: one round for you; one round for your subscriber. In my experience writing dozens of case studies, that’s enough to satisfy the vast majority.

How can I be sure that you’ll do great work?

I’ve written dozens of case studies. Take a look at my samples.. They’re a great example of what I’ll produce for you. Also, see my LinkedIn profile for dozens of positive testimonials from happy clients. It’ll show you a range of businesses and examples that I’ve worked with. And if you’re still not convinced that I’m the best at what I do, I want you to ask any of them about me.

Is my business a good fit for Convert With Case Studies?

If you sell business-to-business Software-as-a-Service, you have at least a handful of subscriber success stories waiting to be produced, and your company contributes to the common good somehow, then we’re probably a good fit. We’ll confirm that in our first call together.

Can I pick your brain?

Sure can. I’m available for consultations at $200/hour with no minimum. If you find yourself consistently using this hourly service, I offer discounted monthly retainer agreements, too.

If I have other kinds of writing projects, can you help me?

Yes, indeed. I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2008. Learn more at

Do you work with non-B2B SaaS companies?

That’s the domain where I have the greatest background knowledge and can make the greatest impact. If you’d like to know if I can help, apply to work with me, and we’ll discuss.

What makes you different from other writers?

  • Sales-focused storytelling. I don’t just write magazine-quality case studies, I weave stories with the singular goal to move readers through the sales process. I focus on what your B2B SaaS buyers want: insight into your subscribers’ trials and how you helped them to triumph.
  • Rapid rapport. I have a knack for disarming skeptics with my warm, inquisitive personality. As a result, the subscribers whom I interview are more relaxed and candid. That yields more authentic and powerful material for the case studies I produce.

Ready to get started?

I’d love to learn more about your business and how I can help you ignite more sales conversations. To get started, click the link below and fill out the application questionnaire (5-8 minutes). You’ll hear back from me within 48 hours.

Apply to work with me.

All your information will be kept strictly confidential.

“Solid writing and big-picture thinking.”

Damon Knight

“I needed someone who could run with my instructions, take a collaborative attitude, and deliver near-final drafts on time. Mike did so. He demonstrates great attention to detail, organization, communication, and an ability to quickly understand and explain our technical offering. On top of all that, he regularly offered relevant suggestions and insights that reflected big-picture thinking.”
– Damon Knight, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, Digimarc
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Don’t wait. Limited availability.

To deliver the most impressive results, I only take four clients at a time. If you’re reading this, it means I have an opening. That could change tomorrow. I might get booked up for the next month or more. It doesn’t take much.

Don’t miss out on this chance to ignite more sales conversations with your subscribers’ success stories just because no one on your team has the time or energy to write effective case studies.

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