Workshop – Customer Stories

Create a Customer Story that Sells

“I don’t trust you.”

Your prospects may never say these words, but that’s the frame of mind you’re up against in the beginning of every sales conversation.

How do you earn your prospects’ trust? There are no shortcuts, but you can speed up the process.

By telling authentic customer stories, you can disarm your prospects’ initial skepticism, earn their time and attention, and show that you can help them. Apply a consistent structure to a handful of your customers’ stories, and you’ll quickly build a resource that you can use over and over.

If you want to position yourself as the no-brainer choice to solve your prospects’ problems, then you’ve got to be ready to tell relevant stories about your customers’ success working with you.

I’d like to help.

In this workshop, we’ll cover:

  • What will hold your prospect’s attention
  • How to earn trust with your customers’ stories
  • Why customer stories shorten the sales cycle
  • What will cause your prospects to stop listening
  • When to tell your customer story in a sales conversation

The workshop is free for now. In the future, it will be offered to $500 per company.

Want a seat?

Date: Tues March 27
Time: 12pm – 1pm
Location: WeWork Custom House, Portland Oregon

To reserve a seat, contact one of the presenters
Mike Russell – Marketing wordsmith –
Chris Ortolano – Sales process analyst –

Mike and Chris will provide you with worksheets to craft a B2B customer story you can use immediately. No complex theories, acronyms or jargon, just good old-fashioned learning by doing.